C2 Pro

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The C2 Pro is a mobile ground control station (GCS) from MAP Marine Technologies, a portable platform to control any unmanned surface vessel (USV) equipped with the MAP Pro Autonomous Conversion System.

The multi-functional GCS is easily customized, mobilized and operated, thereby satisfying the requirements of a wide spectrum of remotely operated missions.

The C2 Pro connects to your USV from anywhere in the world, providing full control over the steering, propulsion, and payload systems of your vessel.

Product info

Product info


Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage 230V @ 50Hz
Max. Power Consumption (battery charger capacity) 180W, (12V/15A)
Output Voltage 12VDC
Battery Capacity 12Ah
Estimated Battery Life 1hr
Charging Time 40 mins
Mechanical Specifications
Weight 50kg
Dimensions (in mm) 1686 x 680 x 330


Packaging details

Packaging details

  • C2Pro Command and Control Station
  • Shore power Cable
  • MAP USB Joystick