Autonomous systems provider and manufacturer of outdoor & marine navigation electronics


Marakeb Technologies LLC was launched in 2007 as a glass-reinforced plastic boat manufacturer to supply the growing regional demand of the boating industry. Over the course of the following five years, Marakeb continued to innovate and excel in the design and manufacture of a wide array of vessels solidifying its name as a trusted provider and growing to over three times in size. As the boating industry continued to gain traction, the competitive landscape grew fierce as a late wave of suppliers entered the market. With a pulse on regional competitiveness and an eye on global trends in the marine sector, Marakeb altered its course towards a new frontier – Unmanned Technology.

With the immediate recruitment of a team of top-tier engineers and robotics specialists and a heavy focus on research and development over a span of two short years, Marakeb showcased a fully-operational Unmanned Surface Vessel unit at the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference – UMEX – in 2014. A technology that was once touted as only available in several developed countries was now patented and proven in the United Arab Emirates. An achievement that echoes the national agenda geared towards a competitive knowledge economy distinguishing the UAE as leader in technological innovation on a global stage.

Today, Marakeb manufactures advanced technological products that range from advanced autonomous devices to ground control stations for military and industrial applications, and from handheld GPS devices to commercial autopilots for recreational use… and it doesn’t stop there.