Marakeb Technologies’ patented autonomous conversion kit – the MAP Pro – that can be integrated into any aerial, ground, or marine vehicle providing it with unmanned capabilities to carry out any mission across any industry. All the converted vehicles and their payloads – weapon systems, anti-drone devices, GPS equipment, cameras – are fully monitored and operated in real-time from a Ground Control Station anywhere on land or at sea, by utilizing a three-pronged approach of Radio, 4G, and SATCOM communication.


Platform providers can integrate unmanned capabilities into their current fleet of aerial, marine and ground vehicles by utilizing our autonomous conversation kit. Conversations provide them with the ability to utilize the converted vehicles in both manned and unmanned modes.


The MAP Pro is an advanced autopilot that provides autonomous capabilities to any vehicle either on land, in the air, or at sea. It allows for the remote control of any payloads such as cameras, weapon systems, radars etc. from the Ground Control Station(GCS).


The Ground Control Station can come in different shapes and sizes and can be set up anywhere on land or integrated into a mothership, depending on the operational and mission-specific requirements. It can be customized to suit the operational requirements and existing available equipment.


The autonomous vehicle has the added capabilities to follow pre-programmed missions made of waypoints and monitored by the operators at the GCS. With built-in swarm technology, the operators can monitor and control multiple vehicles simultaneously.





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Unmanned Technology was developed to protect the human element from dull, dirty and dangerous scenarios. Unmanned Ground Vehicles [UGVs] were designed to roam terrain with the aforementioned factors, and are run autonomously with the human operator situated out of harm’s way at a centralized command and control station.


Depending on the UGVs application, MAP Pro technology can convert any land vehicle, from a standard car to a ruggedized all-terrain vehicle, to become an autonomously operated platform. The sensor and comms packages, also managed by the MAP Pro system, are designed to suit the mission.


Defense and Security

  • Remote Reconnaissance and Fire Support
  • Force Projection
  • IED Mine Clearance
  • Logistical Support and Resupply
  • Communication Relay
  • Wounded Soldier Transport


  • Airport Handling
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Mining Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

Emergency Response

  • Urban Search and Rescue
  • Firefighting
  • Nuclear Response
  • Ad-Hoc Telecommunications Station
  • Natural Disaster Relief Support


Unmanned Surface Vessels [USVs] are boats without pilots, and are run autonomously from a ground control station. As technology advances, USV design has come a long way in coping with variables of the open sea, and today they are used extensively in survey, hydrography, mine detection, surveillance, and several naval and military applications.


Boats and ships come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but the components of a USV are fairly straight forward using our patented and modular MAP Pro technology: Body, Propulsion, Sensors, and Communications. Those elements may differ with context and complexity of their application, however a trained MAP Pro Operator will manage those components from a remote station as he would onboard the ship.


Defense and Security

  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Sovereignty Patrol
  • Counter Narcotics
  • Search and Rescue
  • Naval Mine Countermeasures
  • Route Surveying
  • Target Boats

Hydrographic Survey

  • Oil and Gas Applications
  • Dredging
  • Shallow Water Survey
  • Bathymetric Mapping
  • Marine Construction
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • ROV Deployment

Environment & Safety

  • Oil Spill Detection
  • Maritime Firefighting
  • Fisheries Monitoring
  • Pollution Cleanup
  • Tidal Mapping
  • Coral Reef Assessment
  • Shipwreck Monitoring
  • Autonomous Lifeboats